10 easy tips to make work from home less fussy


Given the unprecedented circumstances, most of us have been working from home for quite some time now. Working from home presents a few challenges we would otherwise not have to deal with, if we were to work from an office environment. On top of my mind there are a few professions that deal with a restricted working space. It is inspiring to see Astronauts, and Submarine crew members who work in similar conditions for months. And, of course they undergo rigorous training to do that. Most of us are not trained to do that but we have the bounty of staying together with our family during these rare tests for mankind. If you have come across a challenge in working from home, it is more likely due to the difference between home and office environment. With these 10 super easy tips we can turn around Work from Home to be little less fussy.

Happiness and Productivity are two areas that go hand in hand, one contribute to the other. The below tips have been compiled to impact at least one of these areas directly.

Stick to your Work hours

Consistency is the key here, plan your day ahead and stick to your regular work hours. It all matters, when you get started, when you take breaks, and when you decide to call it a day. Not only does sticking to your regular work hours help you be available for the whole productive part of the day. Most of all, setting consistent hours keeps you accountable to yourself and others counting on you.

Dress up for work

PJs or Tees and sweatpants are a whole lot more comfortable than regular work clothes, they are designed to help you sleep, lay around and rest. As tempting as you may be to wear them when you are working from home, you should fight that urge. Brush your teeth, take a shower, get your breakfast and start your work as you would any other day. You may not have a face to face interacting with another person on every day, but it still makes perfect sense if the way you dress triggers your brain to differentiate between work time and leisure time.

Recreate a work space at Home

By all means, “Break the Bank” to create a work space at home. Just kidding.. You do not have to spend a cent. Just create a work space in a dedicated spot. As tempting as it may be to work from the couch, your bed, living area or by the dining area, this could be you invading your family/ roommate’s personal space. Setting up a table, spacious enough for your machine & work tools and a chair, all nice and comfy for your back and feet makes all the difference you need. This work area will be a subconscious reminder for you and everyone at home that this is holy to you and your work.

One step at a time

You are living in your bubble, probably having to work from your room A good way to start your day is to make your own bed when you are up and keep your stuff organized. That sets the mood for the remainder of the day. Follow it up with planning your day. This could also be done ahead of time, perhaps at the end of the previous day; after all you are the Picasso of your day.

Stay Connected

Unlike working from an office, there is a great deal of distance between you and your colleagues. This distance should not be a contributing factor for any ambiguity in communications. Working from different locations is all the more to stick together and stay connected through the day. Get in touch a few times a week check on each others’ progress and general wellbeing.

Get help ASAP 

It is normal to run into obstacles like technical issues or even teensy little holdups or hiccups when you are working. If you are stuck on a problem, you cannot let this linger around for long, you have got to reach out and ask for help ASAP. This not only brings a quick resolution this saves a ton of time and productivity for everyone in the team.

Break Bread together

Have your lunch with your family, talking about the brighter side of being restricted to your house all day long is an excellent way to take a short break from work. Keep each other motivated and help everyone stay positive. When working from home, there is no better motivation than some quality time spent with close ones. After all, you are sharing their space for work and they are doing their bit to ensure you have your personal work space and the ambience to get it all done.

Attitude of Gratitude

Sure, there is a lot going on outside, and they are all happening anyway. We live in a world where we have the means to learn about everything happening around us. Keeping yourself informed is good, but there is a whole lot of information out there on the internet and TV, so watch what you put in your head. They say you reap what you sow and this is especially true for your mind. Be thankful for the good you have and keep yourself and everyone around happy and positive. Be optimistic, this is current situation is another passing cloud, this too shall pass and we are not alone in it.

Work time and personal time

Needless to say, it is essential that you work when you have agreed to work and it is just as important to give yourself the time. Stretching too far beyond work hours and burning out is not helping you or your work, this often reduces your efficiency. Zero distractions work time increases your productivity and helps you keep focus. It is important to put in your work when it is work time and give yourself time for a little walk, may be some exercise, check your fluid intake or grab a healthy snack. These are often overlooked aspects that have far reaching consequences. Our movement is restricted for most part of the day when working from home, it is necessary to work on your mind and body. All the more better if you can spend this time doing fun activities, with your kids and family.

WAGs, kids and Pets

If you have already set up a work space in your home as discussed earlier, it is in your interest to maintain it that way. A typical home set with a spouse, kids and pets should be encouraged to leave you alone during your work hours. Setting your boundaries helps you to stay focused and be more efficient when you work. On a friendly and playful note, peddle the idea of leaving you by yourself while you are working. Every house hold is different, try and find out what works best for you.

You may already be practicing a couple of these, congratulations. If you are looking to make your Work from Home a little less Fussy, hope this helps.

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