Boobalan Madhavan
Managing Director

Boobalan founded and built AccSource to what it is today. He is a CWA, ACA, CPA by qualification and a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years’ experience in Finance & Accounting, Auditing (concurrent bank audits, statutory audits under Indian GAAP, IFRS & US GAAP) and Taxation (Domestic and International). His accounting adroitness, passion for life, entrepreneurial spirit combined with his explorative attitude, enabled him to take big bets and push the limits in all spheres of business operations. Through his diverse knowledge from working in various capacities in multinational companies, he formed AccSource through meticulous planning, tireless hardwork and strategic partnerships. Besides being an astute leader and a powerhouse visionary, he is also an extremely extroverted person and a self-proclaimed foodie. His love for family, booze and outdoors is eminent; is a great entertainer and a fun host.

Gorav Gupta

Gorav co-founded AccSource and has been instrumental in bringing a competitive edge with the aid of information technology. He is the technology head, equally adept in business operations. He holds a B.Com, ACA, and MBA with 17+ years’ experience. He started his career with Big 4 KMPG and gained enviable audit experience from various sectors such as technology, software, services, manufacturing and infrastructure. Given his holistic understanding from both business and technological standpoint, he became the ideal point of contact for all processes and team heads. Through his love for technology and business, along with a passion for entrepreneurship, he continues to learn and explore emerging technologies to build new businesses. He enables growth by powering the business with newer technologies. He has been instrumental in on-boarding the technology automation processes to make operations safer, efficient and transparent. He infuses his strong-will and sterling attitude into the work culture, and is always ready to offer counsel and suggest resolutions. When he is not working, you can find him hitting a ball, be it cricket or tennis.

Uma Mageswari

Uma Mageswari is part of the Director group. Her roles are diverse from handling clients and communication to managing projects and training the team. Further to overseeing the division, she gives the final sign-off on key accounting reports. She is an M.Com graduate and an Intermediate CA with 16+ years’ of industry experience. A suave and centred person with a gift for team handling and resolving technical issues with ease. Her outstanding cooking skills is quite enviable as her fine nature.

Arthe Raghavan

Arthe Raghavan oversees client management, reviews and signs off on compliance jobs and is in charge of team planning and resource allocation. She is an intermediate Chartered Accountant with an eye for detail and a knack for perfection. She has 12+ years’ experience and is thorough in her objectives of handling Year End Compliance of Entities and Personal taxation reports. She has been with AccSource from Day 1; her approachable and warm personality, coupled with her management capabilities makes her an illustrious manager. Her love for travel and her outlook on life makes her an organisational asset and a wonderful person to work with.

Suvendu Sethy
General Manager

Suvendu Sethy is an adept General Manager directing SMSF operations and Business Compliance services. He is a methodical and tireless learner proficient in the areas of Superannuation Accounting, Audit & Taxation. He holds a B.Com, M.Com & M.B.A in Finance and has been with AccSource for 10 years, shaping himself to meet professional and organisational goals.. Having a far-sighted and resolute attitude to succeed, he undertakes the responsibility of training the team to acquire a competitive advantage. You can find him listening to music, singing or making a beat when he is at ease.


Arun is reportedly the senior-most general manager at AccSource with 26+ years’ experience. He is a B.Com graduate who is trained and affluent in various accounting and financial functions and softwares. A workaholic who prioritizes getting the job done conclusively above all things. He oversees the operations team, is loved by his team members and generously shares his wisdom while being an affirmative leader and a source of motivation to all. His quick-wit and jovial personality makes him a crowd favourite especially during work trips and team outings.


Swetha is a dynamic professional with industry experience in finance, accounting & audit. Post her B.Com and ACA, she worked with Big 4 PwC besides other major Indian and multinational companies where she fine-tuned her business understanding and auditing dexterity. With 5+ years’ experience, she is committed to growth and sharpens her technical and accounting abilities every opportunity she gets. A happy and a beach loving person, who is hard working, driven by results, goes the extra mile and who does not shy away from challenges.


Giri is a B.Com graduate and an ACA professional responsible for technology handling and maintenance of processes. His skillsets are multifaceted and diverse. He is well-versed in accounting, tax and audit functions and is savvy in financial nitty-gritties. Backed by multi-dimensional industry experiences in technology services, manufacturing, human resource management & staffing, his business deftness is on-point. Prior to Accsource, he was with Big4 Deloitte handling world renowned clients. He is cherished for his service mentality and his love for cricket.

Uma Devi

Uma Mageswari supervises the quality deliverables in the Accounting process. She is a seasoned and nuanced finance professional with a B.Com and MBA to her merit. With 12+ years’ overall experience and 8 years at AccSource, she effectively manages the Bookkeeping and Accounting process, and is the point of contact for client communication and project management. She is a delightful person to work with and is celebrated for her analytical skill-set and accounting prowess. She enjoys reading books and learning new things.


Abdul is a client relationship manager with 12+ years’ experience focussing on SMSF compliance and individual tax returns. He is simply an all-rounder when it comes to project management, client liaison, quality control, deliverables and team handling. A B.Com graduate who is prompt, organised and efficient bringing in his A-game every time. He has taken it upon himself to train and mentor his team to be all-rounders in business and client relations. His approach is customer focus and his attitude is people friendly. He enjoys cricket, both playing and watching the game.


Surendar governs the aspects of Super Compliance, Business Compliance and taxation assisting clients particularly in these areas. He is an MBA graduate with 11+ years’ experience and has majored in promptly resolving technical issues. He is with Accsource for 7+ years and is a reliable and excellent trouble-shooter. Quick thinker and the go-to person for any tech related issues or requirements. He continues to learn and enables people to thrive and succeed. Owing to his interests in information technology, he explores various accounting software to upgrade our process efficiency and output.

Sheela Pramod

Sheela Pramod manages the Business Compliance Service. Her key responsibilities includes signing off on quality and deliverables, client communication and team management. She has 9+ years’ experience in Accounting and Auditing. She has completed her B.Com and is an intermediate CA. She is recognized for her cheerful nature, ability to think on her feet, multi-task and produce effective results. Her passion to learn and determination to grow has made her a strong individual and even better manager. She enjoys socialising and networking.

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