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Are you confused on what outsourcing actually means? Are you aware of its services and the benefits, the advantages your company will have it you outsource and partner with an outsourcing company? Here are all the answers!

Outsourcing is a straightforward and convenient partnership. It is powered by a business- fit approach and a robust mechanism for effective coordination and successful delivery. Given the evolution of the industry and the marketplace, having an offshore partner is an easy and convenient way to make the best use of the resources for your business.

Size hardly matters. When you are a small team or an MNC, it entirely depends on your requirement, budget, and needs.  If your requirements are more and exceeds our potential, we’d either suggest a phased implantation or defer from submitting a proposal to you.


Data security and protection of your privacy is an integral part of any outsourcing relationship. We, at Accsource ensure that we maintain various disclosure and statutory agreements between the us and our clients to secure the information and maintain confidentiality.

Restricted entry personnel, biometric checks, passwords etc are given while handling any data.

Outsourcing re-establishes your control by allowing you to vet, review, and approve every activity at every level as per your benchmarks. You have full control of all the data you share and to review all the tasks you assign to us.


Outsourcing does more for you than simply sharing your workload. You can outsource your core competencies to focus on areas of your business or test approach or build a different solution. A streamlined process for your in-house team along with your offshore team enables them to take up more responsibilities and effectively handles all the business challenges.  This also increases efficiency and productivity.


Depending on your expectations or work requirements, we cater and assign qualified employees to handle the operations. In terms of training, you can choose to train yourself or have us train the team to meet your needs or we can also jointly do the same.

Concerns surrounding local culture and English language skills

We at Accsource have mostly English speaking individuals who are more conversant in the language. It is infact the most used language for communication. We schedule the meetings via Skype, hangout, teams or zoom.

You can either provide a different responsibility internally in your organization or you also have the option of termination. But it has been proven that the employees who are reassigned enrich the productivity at work.


Before getting any employee on board, all of them go through a strict screening and verification process. They are also asked to sign an agreement with the contract and clause mentioned particularly addressing dishonesty, disclosure of information and fraudulence. Our workplace is monitored 24/7. AccSource is equipped with appropriate insurance cover to indemnify the losses.

Yes. Given the nature of processes we handle, appropriate non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements are signed upon to ensure process efficiency and transparency.

Let’s set up a truly customisable model to help you structure and run your process efficiently.

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