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When your business is growing, one of the biggest challenges you face is to ensure consistent quality and productivity. It is tempting to keep all business processes under one roof thinking you have better control over them, ergo, ensuring quality and overall efficiency. Having an in-house team or partnering with a local agency may appear like the ideal solution. Pause and think again. Only a full-fledged and dedicated operations set-up can do justice if you want to retain or exceed the quality of your deliverables. Outsourcing may just be the answer for your concerns on efficiency, timeliness and productivity with the added benefits of expert team, industry knowledge, market understanding and streamlined process.

With small and medium sized companies flooding the market, the need for a sound and reliable outsourcing partner has become the need of the hour. Statistics also show that a major percent of SMEs are already outsourcing their services alongside building their brand and expanding their business. The number one reason companies opt for outsourcing services is “increased productivity and greater efficiency”. Perhaps, it’s time for you to join the winning team.

You decide, You retain full control

One of the most common perceptions about outsourcing is losing control of your business process. Through our flexible and completely customizable service models, you retain total control of your offshore team, as if they were in house. You have every say in who is hired, how they are trained, the quality of their work and even the organizational culture and climate. You don’t have to be worried about office space, recruitment, HR, labour laws, IT, security, payroll, etc.

You simply communicate your requirements, monitor the team and provide continuous feedback on their performance. You can create your own work practices and timelines. Visit your team anytime you wish and have a dedicated professional liaise with the team for a more thorough control and clarity on operations. All performance indicators are open and visible, secure and transparent, which makes addressing a problem easy and straight-forward.

Keeping you abreast with state-of-the-art technology and industry best-practices

Best practices help you reassess and utilize your resources more efficiently. Our talented experts will guide you on the best practices leading to enhanced efficiency and quality.

Committed and Hard-working Professionals

India, as a country gives great importance to academic excellence, intellectual advancement, loyalty, honesty and hard work. The age-old Indian culture inculcates the values of accountability, responsibility and commitment. Indians value their jobs highly and tend to stay with good employers for longer, because they attach a strong emotional bond to their jobs and challenge themselves each day to perform better.

Your support function is our main function

We operate your offshore team.

You have an extended team, your offshore team. While you concentrate on building your business and managing its core aspects, we will take care of the rest. Recruitment, staffing, orientation, training, labour laws, compliance, regulations, administration, service delivery, IT and support services. Since you will provide the direction.

People usually think that they lose control over everything when the task is outsourced. But it isn’t quite true. Outsourcing is way simpler, easier and effective than what you think. It is very transparent too. All that you need to do is communicate your requirements, monitor them and provide timely feedback. You neither have to worry about the office space nor recruiting the right candidate. You don’t even have to worry about the hefty payrolls. Everything is easily handled.

Retain full control and be the decision-maker!
Stay updated with the cutting-edge technology
and lead in the market with the most effective practices!
If you are still looking at outsourcing
from a BPO’s perspective, think again.
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