How does it work

Communicate your requirement
Setting up the process and the onboarding activities
Managing team
Feedback mechanism

Communicate your requirements

Before we get into the tasks, we ensure that we sit and talk with you to know your objectives and goals of your business and also the expectations. We mutually select the best outsourcing model for you that suit your required skill-set for the business. We will take up the responsibility to provide you with the potential candidate and we will get the approval from you.


Setting up the process and the onboarding activities

This step involves all the things you’d do if you were to recruit an internal employee like creating all important onboarding activities like establishing email accounts, remote server access, application access, etc. A brief induction is conducted followed by a process overview to get the entire team on the same page.


Managing team

This step involves job planning, scheduling, execution and reporting. Your AccSource team members start working on their respective jobs within the project and reports are shared every day. You have full control and visibility on the progress of the work.

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Feedback mechanism

If you wish to make outsourcing work for your business, you certainly need to provide constructive feedback continuously. A process is been set up by us that will help you provide feedback at regular intervals. This helps the team to learn and adapt quickly and improve the quality of the deliverables.

Regular training to your business needs would also help to achieve the target and bring the best from the outsourcing partner.


Let’s set up a truly customisable model to help you structure and run your process efficiently.

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