Employee Value Proposition

“The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is “people”.”

– Kamil Toume

An employee value proposition (EVP) is the value a company offers to employees in return for the value they bring to the organization. It’s the benefits and rewards such as work-life balance, stability, compensation and respect offered to employees in exchange for their commitment, skills, capabilities and deliverables.

Accsource EVP Advantages


Our remuneration package has always been above the industry benchmark. We see people for their innate ability to thrive, willingness to learn and grow in conjunction with their talents, knowledge and attitude. Owing to the low cost of living, our above industry average remuneration package is a testament to valuing talent and their time while still delivering at a cost advantage.


Holidays (vacation and sick days), life/accident insurance, and retirement benefits are offered. We have an all-round-benefits-system established to ensure employee satisfaction in every sense. We believe benefits are a better motivation than monetary compensation, which is why our 360-degree benefit system was conceived.


A non-traditional, promising growth model where the focus is your effort, behaviour, output and character. Years of experience do not matter; Recognition and growth opportunities are fairly offered if you have proven your capabilities.

Work Environment

We have a cheerful and affirmative workplace to share your ideas and discuss opinions in an unrestrained manner. Due diligence on concerns are raised and grievances redressed. Moreover, when our people spend a considerable part of their life here, at work, we don’t mind going the extra mile to ensure it is healthy for the mind and body.


A progressive working culture that’s organically fuelled by flexibility, honesty, unity and openness. Simple and effective systems in place to get things done quickly and efficiently. Our Strength is Our People, the best way to grow is being open for change, and our people are progressive thinkers who are active contributors to drive the growth for us and our clients.

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