Outsourcing Models

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No two businesses are the same. Operational practices and even functional requirements vary from business to business. As part of your evaluation, you need to understand,

  • Your goals and objectives of outsourcing, or the WHY factor.
  • The functions or service lines of your business that need to be outsourced, or the WHAT factor.

Knowing why and what to outsource helps you choose the right model and the right outsourcing partner suiting your business. At AccSource, we help you to strategize and customise the outsourcing solution and model suiting your business needs and expectations.

Insourcing and Managed Services

Outsourcing partner
handles Infrastructure
Best suited for Process-
oriented businesses
Save time and resources
on Recruitment
Requires minimum training
and supervision

This model involves engaging an outsourcing partner in the offshore location to set up an overseas division of your company and getting them to handle facilities, IT, recruitment and HR, while you handle training, quality and productivity.

This is purely a staffing solution and is more suitable for functions that are process-oriented and repetitive in nature, like customer support services, virtual assistance, inbound and outbound call centre, bookkeeping, etc. In this model, you manage the team and the team members, as if you would manage your in-house team.

The disadvantage of this model is the challenges in training and managing people and productivity in the offshore section and hence is chosen for business processes that require one-time training and minimum on-going supervision.

Insourcing with Manager Support

This model also involves engaging an outsourcing service provider in an offshore location to set up an overseas division of your company. The outsourcing service provider, in addition to handling facilities, IT, recruitment and HR, takes the responsibility of training and productivity. The primary features of this model are:

Some of the primary features of this model include
Technical and Managerial support
Hands-off approach with minimum supervision
Enhanced Productivity

Training, quality and productivity become the responsibility of the outsourcing solution provider, suiting your business and functional requirements. This means that these aspects are monitored continuously, and your team becomes productive from Day One.

Managerial Support

You get technical and managerial support which brings down your involvement significantly in managing the outsourced process, team and the relationship.

This model is ideal for roles with trained technical skills such as accounting, management reporting, preparation of financial statement under GAAPs, etc. These roles require continuous learning and adaptability to changing work scenarios and requirements and hence, onshore managerial support plays a crucial role. One of the key benefits that you drive from this model is the advantage of a hands-off approach and minimum supervision.

Job-by-Job or Project-based

This model involves outsourcing a job or a project on an independent basiswith a defined scope, durationand standard set of deliverables.Generally, organisations from the below backgrounds or circumstances engage with us on this model:

  • Start-ups and businesses which are in the early stages – A freelance assignment of sorts, where you can invest and engage based on your convenience and requirements and get the job done
  • An intermediate evaluator – a review system with maker and checker concept, whereby projects are assigned with defined parameters, which is executed by a team member and reviewed by a manager for client’s delivery
  • Output-based – A defined set of requirements are communicated with indicators to the quality and accuracy of deliverables. The same is expected to be delivered by your outsourcing partner.
  • A pre-defined Test Phase, subject to evaluation – A pilot engagement where a test-run is made for the benefit of both parties to assess and evaluate the understanding of requirements, working relationship and quality of service. Companies that are just starting up who are not equipped to have a dedicated/fulltime in-house or offshore team, prefer to choose this model

A Common perception in this model, is that, you have little or no control on the processes and thatthere are no dedicated employeeshandling your work. On the contrary, it is in the best interest of both the client and the outsourcing solution provider to have a dedicated staff member / teamworking on the project to make the process efficient and consistent.

BOT Model

This model involves engaging an outsourcing partner to set up your back-office operations suiting your business requirements and needs. The outsourcing partner is primarily involved in setting up, building, operating and eventually transferring the business processes over a defined period.

This model is apt for the ones who are trying to establish a business in an area which is new to you and where you’re not conversant with the local language. If you are not very much aware of the cultural differences, rules and regulations, the laws and the regulatory compliances then this model will suit best for you.

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