Best Practices

There are a few Best Practices to get the best out of outsourcing. These practices are embedded into our processes and training to deliver the best outcome.

Where outsourcing was seen more as a cost cutting measure, service providers today provide a lot more value than just cheap labour. All large corporations have embraced outsourcing and have been quite successful in integrating outsourcing into their business models. To get the best out of any outsourcing relationship, there are some best practices to be followed.

Strategizing outsourcing

Outsourcing is an opportunity to expand your business faster and save on costs. However, to make it work you’ll need to invest time up front. It’s not a ‘set and forget’ solution. Outsourcing should be approached as a strategy and how it fits into your overall business plan and structure. Knowing when and what to outsource will leave your team to focus on what they do best.

Complete buy-in and collaborative approach

Outsourcing should be driven by the organization as a whole and not just through decisions by the senior management. When you have the whole team buy-in, there is absolutely no friction in the whole process. The senior management, onshore team and the offshore team work as one towards your business vision, goals and objectives.

Project champion

Your offshore team is a critical part of your business and as vital as your in-house team. A project champion will ensure excellent team cohesion, collaboration, goal alignment and manage the outsourcing process and relationship. This leads to best output and simplifies overcoming the challenges of distance.

Communication and feedback mechanism

Your offshore team performs best when there is a clear and transparent communication and feedback mechanism in place that helps the team to have excellent working relationships with their colleagues and managers, align them with your business’ goals and develop a great rapport with your onshore team. The result is a happier and productive team. Using communication platforms such as Skype, Google Meet, Zoom and GoToMeeting make it super easy to have face-to-face team huddles

  • Align with your vision and work towards your goals
  • Understand your culture
  • Develop a rapport with your onshore teams
  • Be happier and more productive in their roles
Refine the process

When you outsource, you are essentially extending your team. Consider your outsourcing partner an extension of your business and make it an integral part of the business by refining the process. You should ensure that clear systems and processes are in place when integrating outsourcing solutions into your business.

  • Efficient work
  • Better staff accountability and clear KPIs
  • Better quality control
  • Predictable outcomes
  • Consistency in services

AccSource has a great deal of experience in all these areas. We will walk you through the process of setting up your systems and processes, and once you are up and running, we will offer you proactive advice whenever we see an opportunity for improvement.

Let’s set up a truly customisable model to help you structure and run your process efficiently.

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