Cost Advantage

Reduced Cost & Increased Productivity

Work smarter, stay relevant and make your business competitive and profitable!

Global business has changed with technological advancements. This has brought in competition, and businesses today need to work smarter to stay relevant, competitive and profitable

Your biggest expense comes from paying salaries to your team. However, globalization offers you never-before access to a talent that is cheaper and better than a local team.

Traditionally, costs were controlled through better management or using productivity enhancing tools. However, advancement in Information Technology and Outsourcing has opened opportunities for businesses around the world to significantly lower their costs and nurture systematic talent. The cost of living in developing countries like India are comparatively lesser and so are their salaries. Many businesses are realizing that they are paying up to 70% more by operating with an in-house team or a local partner.

By outsourcing, you can reduce up to 70% of these costs, while improving efficiency, productivity and quality. These additional resources can be invested in R&D, market research, marketing and business expansion.

Benefit from indirect cost savings

You benefit from indirect savings in the form of costs associated with transitioning and employee-related matters like training. You can scale up or down depending upon your business needs without worrying about additional costs, like lost opportunity costs during downtimes.

Say NO to Huge Capital Expenditure

When you partner with AccSource, you can grow as fast as you can, without huge capital expenditure including upfront investment in office space, infrastructure, recruitment fees, etc.

Let’s set up a truly customisable model to help you structure and run your process efficiently.

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