How to get started

4 Simple Steps to Grow Your Business

Job Interview

Discuss your requirementStep 1

Once you tell us about your needs – the kind of team you want, the required skillsets and supporting infrastructure, we jointly choose the best outsourcing model for you. We will source the right candidates for the project and have the shortlisted candidates ready for your approval.

Set up and OnboardingStep 2

This step involves creating necessary on-boarding activities –establishing email accounts, remote server access, application access, etc., similar to what you might do if you were to recruit an internal employee. A brief induction and process overview is done to get all team members on the same page.

Working remotely
Working with team

Managing Team and WorkStep 3

This step involves Job Planning, Scheduling, Execution and Reporting. Your AccSource team members start working on their respective jobs within the project, and reports are shared daily, giving you full control and visibility on the progress of work.

Feedback Mechanism & Continuous ImprovementStep 4

Constructive feedback mechanism and continuous process refinement are the key to making outsourcing work for your business. We set up a process for you to provide feedback at regular intervals that will help the team members to quickly learn and adapt. Regular training, according to a businesses’ specific requirement will also bring out the best from an outsourcing arrangement.

feedback good

Let’s set up a truly customisable model to help you structure and run your process efficiently.

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