Information Technology

Information Technology & Security

A robust Information Technology enabled service is built on a strong technology platform with expert understanding of security principles. Through Business Process outsourcing, your premise on IT security, privacy, information management and data integrity is upheld and sustained. Staying updated on IT best practices, security and regulatory protocols makes the liaising process seamless and creates a conducive outsourcing relationship.

Modern Security Culture

In an evolving digitized environment, establishing a purposeful security culture protects your organization from data breaches. Having a resolute modus operandi surrounding security, shields you from possible threats. It is the mindful culture of security that makes your outsourcing process astute and reliable. From email communication, knowledge transfer to collaboration with any or all stakeholders, your information remains secure at all costs.

Disclosure and Privacy Principles

Understand your legal obligation when you choose your outsourcing partner


In compliance with the APP regulations, you may share a signed letter of agreement or a consent communication note to keep your clients informed regarding your offshore engagement. The document will outline the information accessible to us, such as entity names and personal information. Through a transparent and open communication, your stakeholders are cognizant of your partnership and are at ease.


An off shore team is an extension of your organization. They are equal-partners adhering to your privacy protocols and upholding your competency standards across all processes and business relations. A simple guideline on your business process capabilities, organizational values, culture and expectation sets the tone for what you can expect from your outsourcing partner.

Training, workshops and continuous knowledge-transfer will aid in accelerating the understanding of your business as per your yardstick.


For an effective and collaborative outsourcing relationship, assigning responsibilities and delegating control is critical. A streamlined process with documentation/reporting recommendations, communication guidelines and an implementation roadmap helps spearhead your outsourcing process effectively. From the legislative and statutory standpoint.

Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and Australian Privacy Principals (APP) offers an outline on how to engage with affiliate and outsourcing companies especially in the areas of security, privacy, organizational vision and deliverables.

How IT Works

You decide how you want us to partner with you:

Secured server

Through this secure model, you can upload your files onto a secure platform – the Amazon Web Server. Your files will be retrieved and worked upon. Submitted files can be modified further to your inputs, comments, reviews and revisions. The finalized files can be accessed or downloaded from the server whenever you desire.

Remote Access-based Solution

By granting us permission to access your data from your own system, you can hold complete autonomy and authority. We will simply log in to your controlled environment to complete tasks and log out.

Security Model

All your data and your client’s data will be protected through a 360° security approach

Let’s set up a truly customisable model to help you structure and run your process efficiently.

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