Mortgage Brokers

As an outsourcing solution provider AccSource can equip Mortgage Brokers with top-tier operational and administrative capabilities through trained Mortgage Broker support teams, and Virtual Assistants. Gear your firm up with higher capacity through comprehensive outsourcing solutions. AccSource’s robust IT and ISO 27001 security framework is the foundation you need for peace of mind, ensuring the highest confidentiality and care for your data.

Capturing Fact Find into Aggregator Tool

Capturing detailed client information into aggregator platforms like Mercury, Podium, infinity, AFG, Flex, Loan market, Connective, Finsure, etc to enable accuracy and comprehensive fact-finding.

Lender Application Document Preparation

Preparation of lender application documents, aligning all necessary information for a smooth application process.

Lender Follow-Up Post Application Submission

Diligent follow-up with lenders after application submission to ensure timely processing and address any additional requirements.

Serviceability Assessment

Expert assessment of client serviceability, ensuring clients meet financial criteria and lender requirements.

Client Liaising & Query Resolution

Effective communication with clients to resolve queries and provide updates, ensuring a smooth and informed borrowing experience.

Broker Tool Management

Efficient management of broker-specific tools, optimizing their functionality for enhanced productivity and client service.

Client/Application Creation and Product Evaluation

Skilled in creating client profiles and applications, coupled with thorough evaluation of financial products to best suit client needs.

Apply Online Task

Competent handling of online application processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in submissions.

Compliance Document Management

Rigorous management of compliance documents, maintaining up-to-date and accessible records for audit and regulatory purposes.

Mail Management

Organised handling of mail and communications, ensuring timely responses and effective information flow between clients, brokers, and lenders.

Chat Support

Real-time chat support to address client queries promptly, enhancing customer engagement and support.

Why AccSource?

Client-focused, Customized Solutions and Proactive Engagement

No business is the same and there isn’t a standard outsourcing solution suiting all businesses and their functional requirements. When we partner with you, we jointly understand the goals and objectives of outsourcing, the service lines or functions to be outsourced and accordingly customize the solution that suits your specific needs. Our client-focused approach leads us to being proactive in all our dealings with you – we will ask questions, suggest best practices and devise the delivery mechanism suiting your business requirements.

Highly Secure & Process Oriented

Highly secure environment, through a combination of the security measures of AWS and our own IT systems, we ensure that your data and information remain protected at all times. Controlled access, even your cloud applications are controlled with custom software, without the need of a password by the team members. At all times, you are in complete control of your data.

Account Managers

Your account managers are “relationship managers” tasked with managing and strengthening our relationship. They are trouble shooters – domain experts who understand the process the team is handling. Our partnership with you is based on “We” and not “You” and “I.”

Seamless Communication

Effective communication can help to foster a good working relationship between you and your staff, which in turn improves morale and efficiency. With effective communication channels, we focus on building and maintaining a good relationship, employees feel comfortable in openly communicating new ideas, build an effective team and ensure transparency.

Transparent pricing

Pricing is a vital aspect for any business process outsourcing. A transparent pricing model always provides a solid foundation for a lasting and prolific relationship. At AccSource, we believe in offering a transparent and upfront pricing model. Our pricing, with no hidden costs or future surprises, seek to create a successful partnership and a long-term business relationship. Having such an explicit approach helps in reducing the tedious rounds of negotiations and establishes a trusting relationship from the very beginning.

Benefit from a World Class Talent Pool

India has a very large talent pool of skilled professionals from a robust and high-quality education system. English is the medium of instruction in graduate and post graduate courses in the country, making Indian students proficient in English and communication. India also enjoys the demographic dividend of a young population. India’s young professionals are not only talented, but also brilliant, creative and innovative. India offers the perfect recipe for attracting businesses around the world to outsource any business processes. At AccSource, we enforcea meticulous screening process to choose the best candidates from this young, dynamic and erudite talent pool so you can reap the benefits of working with some of the best minds in the industry.

How It Works


It all starts with a thorough consultation to understand your
unique requirements and challenges. We mutually select
the best outsourcing model for you that suit your required
skill-set for the business.

Managing team

This step involves job planning, scheduling,
execution and reporting. Your AccSource team
members start working on their respective jobs
within the project and reports are shared every
day. You have full control and visibility on the
progress of the work.

Setting up Process & Onboarding

This step involves all the things you’d do if you were to
recruit an internal employee like creating all-important
onboarding activities like establishing email accounts,
remote server access, application access, etc. A brief
induction is conducted followed by a process overview to get
the entire team on the same page.

Feedback mechanism

If you wish to make outsourcing work for your business, you
certainly need to provide constructive feedback
continuously. A process is been set up by us that will help
you provide feedback at regular intervals. This helps the
team to learn and adapt quickly and improve the quality of
the deliverables.

Our Services


Let’s set up a truly customisable model to help you structure and run your process efficiently.

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