7 business challenges in the current scenario


The Human’s role is an unmatched, irreplaceable system which is what makes your team an asset rather than the software and automation concepts that are evolving with the industry.

In today’s world, sole practitioners, small and medium businesses and bigger companies face 7 strategic business challenges in the current scenario.

Here are 7 strategic business challenges in the current scenario:

  • Finding the right talent pool and balancing (GRECCS) Growth, Role, Expectations, Culture, Cost and Security.
  • Big brand firms are able to lure the talent pool with their brand image and resources while pushing small businesses on their back foot when it comes to hiring and retaining talents.
  • Individuals’ growth aspirations can pose a challenge if there is a lack of business cases to sustain and support the individual’s growth. This means the business growth aspect forces good team members to exit.
  • The evolving accounting industry has turned tax and compliance into a commodity, resulting in intense competition and price sensitivity. Gone are the days of time-based billing as it is increasingly being replaced by value-based billing.
  • The technology has constantly evolved and so have the number of options available in the market. Staying abreast with technology requires resources and time to train the team.
  • Some of these factors eventually force business owners to work “IN” their business. This restricts growth, contributes to longer turn-around times, longer work-hours among the others that impact work-life balance etc.
  • Technology has made the world flat and outsourcing opens avenues to help solve the above challenges, which businesses encounter today.

Every business is different and so are its needs. Should you be buying what is available in the market when you can begin with customising and personalising the solutions to suit your business requirements?

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