How Do SMB’s Make The Most Of Outsourcing?

Post the pandemic, a lot of companies have been reducing headcount for several reasons- to stay profitable and to keep their doors open. With Covid-19 taking a toll on everyone, cutting staff was a setback that was not entirely unexpected. The major issues linked with it were:

  • Projects were delayed or cancelled
  • Companies focus shifted to consolidation
  • Lack of skill because of capacity

If your company faced these issues, there was only one ray of hope here… outsourcing!

What made outsourcing so much effective?

SMB companies with limited financial power or resources are in a difficult position should they choose an in-house team that can perform the basic work or outsource to get the additional bandwidth to handle the work in all divisions.

For instance, marketing needs a complete team covering all sides, from blogging to high-level promotion. But it could be costly, and considering the post-pandemic financial climate, really expensive.

As an SMB, you may blog or post on social media, but that’s not the mainstream promotion. You need a person for digital promotion, email marketing, SEO advertising, copywriting, and more. Having a team when you need them but not on your payroll would be great.

This is where outsourcing enters. It gives you the skills you need at the time you need them.

So, outsourcing is a remarkable way to get results when you need it minus the cost and commitment of an in-house full-marketing team.

What other benefits make it a sought-after solution for developing small and midsize businesses?

Often the real advantages of outsourcing are overlooked. Take a look at some offshore staffing benefits and how SMBs can harness them to support their growth:

Triple your workforce

Rather than considering outsourcing as a money-saving opportunity, consider it a chance to triple your workforce size for the same price as your local team.

Imagine the scenario where your business can afford triple the staff you own. What new marketing and sales strategies would you adopt? How would you improve your product or impress your client with your triple-size team?

Alas, people are restricted with resources, money, and time. But, with outsourcing, you can multiply your workforce and exponentially grow and out-compete your competing companies.

Access skilled and talented professionals

Why keep your workforce limited to the local city or town when you have a whole world to explore of highly skilled people? Outsourcing means getting access to a global workforce with billions of potential applicants.

Most small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford the price tags of hundreds of thousands for a CEO. And the best local candidates may be looking forward to an appointment at a big company and may not be ready to work for a small one.

Choosing an outsourcing company allows you to punch above the weight and hire the best candidate in the market. You can spend to pay the best salaries because of your higher spending power. Plus, the candidates are also allured to work with a foreign company.

Get round-the-clock service

Some businesses, such as fintech companies and hotels, need to offer round-the-clock services. Others may benefit from it but cannot afford it. Imagine the additional money you need to pay your sales or customer service team for a Sat-Sun shift.

But, with offshore staffing, you can develop a 24/7 team. The time zone difference makes the 24/7 teams extremely normal. With offshore teams, you enjoy the idea of different time zones to your benefit.

Get a competitive edge.

In simple words, offshore staffing provides a competitive edge to your business. If you don’t opt for outsourcing and your counterparts do, you’re actually placing yourself out of business.

Work from anywhere

Post the pandemic, the preconceived notion of remote work culture has changed, and now companies are taking steps to adopt work from anywhere approach and cloud-based work culture. This adds to scalability, flexibility, and a diverse team.

Get started

When finding out if outsourcing is the best decision for your company, it is essential to enquire about your practices and resources. Do you need to hire people to grow your business? Do you know the specific roles that need to be filled in? Do you have the money and resources to hire a local, in-house team?

Make sure you know your motivations when choosing to outsource. Once you know your goals, start with outsourcing. The first step in choosing an outsourcing company is to get in touch with two or more companies. Make sure they understand your business and staffing requirements and can help you advance your business goals.

Wrapping Up

Outsourcing, when done right, can work like a secret weapon for your company. It will save your staffing expenses and help you manage a successful team. Accsource helps you efficiently live this dream with utmost accuracy and efficiency. The company helps you meet your need for a dedicated team at the most cost-effective rate without compromising the results. So, choose your outsourcing partner wisely and expand your work at a fraction of the cost of doing the same in-house.

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