Is Social Media Necessary For Bookkeeping & Accounting Businesses?

Understanding the power of social media in your marketing strategy is essential. It is one of the most powerful, promising, and influential tools to develop connections and grow your firm without impacting your marketing budget.

Social media is no longer ignorable. However, you may be hesitant in the beginning as it may appear insurmountable, but believe you me, it is worth every effort. It is time to take the big leap for your bookkeeping and accounting business.

Why should accounting firms use social media?

More than half of the world population is online, and 3.8 billion of that are active on different social media channels. 

But does your firm need it?

The adoption of social media by accounting firms is consistently on the rise, increasing yearly. According to the Accountants Online Marketing Report, out of 103 firms surveyed in Australia, 59.22% were using social media as they saw major advantages. And Linked was the major priority of 30 firms, with 49.18% of the voting. 

For more assurance, take a look at the benefits of social media presence for your bookkeeping and accounting business

Before setting up a social media presence, check out why you should do it. Choosing social media marketing for your accounting business’s overall marketing offers several benefits like:

  • Improved brand awareness
  • Developing a community 
  • More traffic on the website
  • Low spend on advertising and marketing
  • Enhanced client experience
  • Offering thought leadership in the bookkeeping area
  • Fostering trust with clients

You should look at your competitor’s firms to get an idea of how they see these benefits. This is why it is essential to develop your presence as soon as possible.

Reasons why social media is necessary for bookkeeping and accounting business

Irrespective of your platform selection, your post should be informative, engaging, and helpful. Sharing data that offers good insights or amuses your target audience will grow your prospects. While informative posts about your services are helpful, you should add variety to your posts.

Here are some reasons which make social media a necessity for bookkeeping and accounting businesses:

  • Relationship development: The interactions with your clients or staff on social networking channels are an intuitive way to meet new people and cultivate relationships with prospects, clients, or staff.
  • Setting up thought leadership: By networking and sharing your knowledge on social media platforms, you get an opportunity to show off your skills and expertise, helping develop trust in your expertise. 
  • Highlight your business niches: Accounting is vast, and a common person cannot understand it. In fact, most business owners are unsure about the accounting service they need in a specific circumstance.
  • Attracting talent: It is tough to find and attract younger staff in the accounting sector, especially the staff your business needs. Job seekers head to social media platforms when researching companies to work for. So, setting up a social media presence will help you attract talent. 
  • In sight in mind: Most people only hire an accountant when they need one. You will easily be forgotten if you only showcase your presence at random gatherings. But, if your firm regularly posts on social channels, the scenario will be the opposite.

When done correctly, social media presence strengthens and supports your accounting business. There is no other marketing strategy as affordable, effective, and simple as this.

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