Manage your clients' SMSF obligations with a trained compliance team.

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Professional SMSF Compliance Services 

With your trained and experienced SMSF compliance team at AccSource, your business can benefit from the ongoing support, processing capacity and advice functions in relation to the administrative aspects of running an SMSF.

Challenges in SMSF compliance operations:

  1. Compliance: SMSF administrators are obligated to ensure that they are meeting with strict compliance requirements set out by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). This includes ensuring all investments and transactions are above board, accurate reporting of income and expenses, tax deductions for contributions, regular auditing of accounts, etc.
  2. Technology: The SMSF administrators need to stay up to date with technology trends in order to remain competitive and provide a high level of service. This includes investing in software solutions that allows them to address time-intensive processes such as data entry or financial analysis.
  3. Changing Regulations: As regulations change over time, or regularly updated, it is important for an SMSF administrator to keep up with these changes so that their clients’ investments are compliant.
  4. Cost: The cost of running an SMSF administration business is high due to the need for compliance and technology solutions, as well as the personnel required to provide a high level of service. This can make it difficult for smaller businesses to remain competitive in the market.
  5. Education: Educating clients about the rules and regulations governing their SMSF is a key part of providing a good service. It is important for an SMSF administrator to ensure that they are up to date with the latest information and ample time on hand so they can provide accurate advice and guidance in a timely fashion.

An outsourced SMSF team can provide several benefits to accounting firms and retail SMSF administrators. By outsourcing the SMSF process, accounting firms are better positioned to free up resources that can be devoted to other areas of the business, such as client service and business development. An outsourced team also reduces overhead costs associated with hiring additional staff or investing in technology or software solutions for managing SMSFs. The expertise and experience of an external provider often bring new ideas, best practices and strategies that may not have been previously considered.

Moreover, the team is equipped to be up to date with the latest regulations and compliance requirements which can help manage risk exposure for the firm and its clients. Finally, having access to a dedicated outsourced SMSF team enables you with the bandwidth to address queries and additional processing capacity.

You can customize your team in SMSF administrative processes such as,

  • Full-service SMSF compliance
  • Preparation of financial statements and accounts
  • Preparation of annual returns for the ATO
  • Assistance with preparing trust deeds and other legal documents required to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Tax optimization services for superannuation funds
  • Advice on investment strategies, including asset allocation, diversification, and portfolio rebalancing recommendations
  • Monitoring investments within a fund to ensure they comply with relevant legislation
  • Professional trustee services
  • Assistance with setting up and managing Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

A full-service SMSF gives you access to a comprehensive administration service from your team at AccSource and the audit service is delivered through an Audit firm external to AccSource. This covers all aspects of compliance with regulatory requirements, including taxation, superannuation laws and further amendments recommended by an SMSF Auditor external to AccSource.

Talk to our team today to learn more about the service levels and customisable models to suit your business requirements.

Benefits of Outsourcing SMSF compliance process:

  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Outsourcing SMSF compliance services can eliminate the need to manage and process complex paperwork, freeing up time for other high-value tasks.
  • Cost Savings: By outsourcing, you no longer have to spend big on salaries, and benefits for an in-house staff member dedicated to SMSF compliance and administration.
  • Capacity: When you outsource your SMSF compliance needs, you gain access to a global team of trained and experienced SMSF talents who are well-versed in accounting, taxation and regulatory requirements related to running an SMSF.
  • Timely Reporting & Compliance: With professionally managed outsourced SMSF team comes timely reporting on fund performance as well as ensuring that all necessary regulations are met.
  • Improved Risk Management: An experienced and trained SMSF compliance team can ensure that all relevant laws and regulations are adhered to, reducing the risk of penalties or other financial losses due to non-compliance.


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