Tools And Tips To Find New Clients For Your Business

Finding new customers to keep your business afloat is tough and quite a struggle in today’s time for a business. Hence, I would like to share some in-depth strategies (including tools and tips) to help you get more clients for your business.

1. Be a part of Facebook groups

People are assuming that “Facebook for business doesn’t work anymore!” The idea appears useless as Facebook has just 3% of organic reach. But, the other side of the picture shows that Facebook can be an outstanding option for looking for clients and developing your business.

Join Facebook groups where you can find your ideal client. For instance, a graphic designing company should join groups of bloggers and small business owners that may need your service. Rather than bragging, help people when they ask questions in a group to showcase your expertise.

2. Enhance your present client processes to get more referrals

Take some time and figure out what your client process appears. Optimize your practice so that everything is smooth. Perfect your procedures and ensure things go as smooth as possible for your clients, as it boosts your chance to gain referrals. If they love working with you, they will surely share your expertise with everyone around them.

3. Spot the leads on your website through appealing offers

Your website has a reason to exist. You should use it to your advantage. While adding a contact form is good, you can do better.

Regardless of your business and its size, create an appealing pop-up with something valuable for your client. It can be an eBook, PDF, quiz, or coupon that will catch their attention and convince them to provide their email ID.

Dissimilar to a contact form, a pop-up entices visitors to get interested in particular content and works as a remarkable way to show off your expertise. Use tools like Thrive Leads, OptinMonster, or Zapier to create pop-up tools.

4. Write blogs keeping your ideal client into consideration

A great way to gain clients is to write blogs your ideal client would prefer to read. Are you a copywriter? Write a post on tips to develop a great “About” page. If you are a stylist, why not suggest amazing styles for every body type?

This will not attract them to your website but also offer you an opportunity to showcase the knowledge you possess. Blogging is like selling without performing a sale. Just boast about your skills without forcing anything on anyone.

5. Develop a Google My Business page

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an agency, having Google My Business introduces you as a professional. The tool ensures that people who look for your business online will get results. It also helps people looking for your services look for you through Google Maps.

You can add other essential details like your business name, category, contact details, address, and website. Add some pictures to make your listing stand out. It has 35% more clicks.

6. Partner with related businesses

In most cases, businesses can co-depend without harming each other’s growth. For instance, if an apparel ecommerce store partners with a footwear and accessory ecommerce store, they can help each other gain customers by working together.

It works as a symbiotic relationship, helping both companies. So when customers come looking for dresses, you can recommend footwear and accessories that go with them.

To consider such partnerships:

  • Look for services your client needs that you don’t offer.
  • Search for the companies that render these services online, on LinkedIn, or through networking.
  • Discuss your idea with them, state the partnership plan, and show how it can be mutually advantageous.

7. Focus on your SEO

It may surprise you, but most of your past clients searched you through Google. Hence, Google does have a major role in bringing you new clients. But, it is important to work hard on your SEO. Pick a few keywords that relate to your business, and pump up your SEO. It has a great potential to bring many clients who want to work with you.

8. Use online reviews to your benefit

Do you get online reviews from your clients? Harness your reviews and use them to your advantage. Link them to your webpage and urge customers to check you on review websites. Social proofs have great power to turn prospects and leads into customers.

9. Work on your cold mails

Thinking about how to get clients for digital marketing? Work on your cold emails. Send cautiously written emails to get better open rates, boosting your conversion rates.


The quest for looking for new clients for your business will never end. It is a consistent journey. Hopefully, the tools and tips mentioned above will help you establish a robust footprint to find new clients and develop your business well.

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