Why Is It Getting Hard To Fill In Positions In Accounting?

As per SEEK currently, job vacancies in accounting are at their peak, and the rise in demand for applicants outperforms that of other jobs.

According to the June figures, the total job adverts rose 23% year after year. Still, they showcased a stoppage too because of the nationwide COVID recovery with a fall of 2% compared to the previous months, after a consistent rise of 5 months.

Data reveals that accounting has recoiled more robustly compared to the other sectors, with repeatedly new job ads every month showcasing a 34% high than in June 2021.

However, despite the growing demand, the accounting and finance sector is experiencing too much pressure because of the shifting talent landscape. The cause is multi-level- including technological growth, economic advancement, talent shortage, and generational gaps. Seventy-seven of the Australian Financial Review Top 100 Accounting Firms found it difficult to find staff. Only 7 of them said they didn’t have any problem with staffing.

However, it’s never too late to look ahead of the issue, so let’s find out why companies today find it hard to fill in accounting job positions:

Shortage of talent in accounting

Some time back, the global talent shortage was 16-year high all over. The Great Resignation was the major cause behind it.

The Global Talent Shortage Survey of ManpowerGroup in 2022 highlighted the toughest to find skills across all sectors. They revealed that globally account and financing talents rank in the 7th position, the toughest to fill, and are expected to be the second most in-demand in more than 40 nations.

The major reasons behind it are:


Initially, the basic requirement in finance was the capability to crunch numbers, and technical innovations have changed it. Automation and apps can now calculate numbers quicker than anyone else. It means companies are free to start hiring applicants with a major capacity to detect trends, patterns and meaning in data and further apply those findings in the business.

Considering data analytics abilities here, professional accounting candidates may not have the time or source to add this to their skillset.


Today, job seekers know what they want from their job. But while good remuneration and benefits still are a major factor, it was seen that candidates accept a job that offers customization, flexibility, and purpose along with better career experience, insight, and exposure.

Can it be fixed?

Yes, you can fix it. Knowing what your applicants want and meeting their requirements is the idea to fight the corporate brain drain and help you win the war for talent. Some steps to do this are given below:


When you offer employees a sense of purpose, always be transparent and genuine about the goals. Mention it on your webpage, in marketing content, and while interviews.


As per a Manpower survey, 81% of employees expect their employers to keep them updated and provide them with training. Meeting this expectation will help you retain long-term employees.


2020 was the year when people learned to work from home, and many professionals expect this job flexibility even now. Hence, companies should develop a good response to this.


Do not underestimate the power of offering regular feedback to your workers. People like being heard. Employees are three times more engaged in a company that offers regular feedback and performance reviews.

Company Culture

Consider the image of your company from someone else’s perspective. What would you conclude? While the stereotype of formal workers in the accounting field has remained forever, your image does play a role in the competitive market. Alter your image and display your company as a platform where everyone can get the best and most authentic working experience.

Outsourcing accounting

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As seen in job ads, the rise in open positions was up by 68% for accounts officers, 54% for financial accountants, and 47% for accounts payable.

While accounting job demands are high in June, some companies hire less. However, with these tips mentioned above, companies can gradually win the war for talent in the long run.

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