Six Signs You Might Need A Virtual Assistant

You’ve likely heard of them, maybe even seen them in movies and you might find yourself asking, how does one know when they need a Virtual Assistant (VA), to take care of those jobs you hate or procrastinate about. Who anticipates your needs and wants before you even realise them.

But maybe you don’t want to go through the hiring process for bringing on a full-time assistant… and while it seems like a great idea, you’re just not sure if it’s for you right now.

If you find yourself rushed all the time and close to tears towards the end of the week, a VA is an affordable solution to hiring new or additional in-house staff and you could be ready to hire yourself your very own Virtual Assistant.

If any of the following reasons strike a chord, then the first task on your to-do list, should read, ‘Find a Virtual Assistant”

1. Your emails / calendar / admin are all about as ordered as alphabet soup

Do you sometimes feel like you spend all day tidying up your inbox, answering phone calls, recording expenses, invoicing, arranging travel, and doing other repetitive tasks? As soon as you find yourself missing deadlines or meetings (or things on your calendar go MIA) and the unread e-mails, subscriptions to pointless newsletters develop into a rapid snowball effect that’s exponentially growing and you’re finding your heart rate increases from the stress of just thinking about opening your email app, you need a VA.

A VA willsort your inbox, calendar and administration for you in a matter of hours. The way that a VA can assist you with these tasks will amaze and you will lose tons of stress and save tons of time freeing you up to work on the important things that will really grow your business.

2. You keep procrastinating and it’s holding you back

Procrastination can be a sign of disinterest in certain activities, if they are indeed essential, you can always find ways to delegate, perhaps to a Virtual Assistant

You keep thinking you will get to it “tomorrow” or “next week”, but for some reason tomorrow or next week never rolls around. So, if that big idea, or awesome project keeps slipping down your to-do list as day-to-day distractions conveniently get in the way, then you could really do with engaging with a VA.

By hiring some help to take care of the repetitive tasks, you can free up your time to not only work on the obvious high-value opportunities but on new projects too.You could even hire a virtual assistant to specifically work on your new idea with you. This way, you know you can focus on the important bits from the start.

3. Managing your financials is not the highlight of your day

Handwritten post-its filled with transaction notes pinned to your computer monitor can only work for so long before you get overwhelmed and the accounts don’t reconcile.

Get yourself a Bookkeeping VA and you will never go back. If you have a small team of employees, you really don’t need an in-house, full-time CPA.

Your solution is a CPVA to handle all of your accounting needs. You will save money but also time from trying to do this all yourself.

4. Business keeps getting in the way of family

Let’s say, you’re amazing at this entrepreneur/small business stuff and work is moving along smoothly and you’re making a good amount of money: you’re a success!

But have you ever had to make a decision between your business and your family? This is another sign that your current work/life balance isn’t quite right.

Entrepreneurs and business owners often feel a sense of responsibility towards putting their enterprises first. This can lead to conflict between work and life, interfering with family commitments and personal health.

And that’s where a Personal Virtual Assistant is invaluable.

Need your personal calendar updated with every important event in your life, or an appointment for your dog to go to the vet made, or a Christmas present bought and sent to your sister in California? Or proactive blocks of time booked out to spend with your family.

You can hire a virtual assistant to do all of this for you!

5. You’re ready to scale

When it’s time to scale, you typically need three things: systems, cash and people. When it comes to people, you should start with the most critical role that will help you scale. For example, if you’re launching a membership site, you may need a part-time VA to handle sales and conversion. Or you may need someone to handle member support and customer service for new members. Determine your most essential role(s) and start there. There is a VA for any role or skillset you are looking to fill.

6. Treat yourself

Why are you running your business? Because you choose to, right? Running businesses, being entrepreneurs. It’s awesome. We’re totally in control of our lives and our destiny. We get to make our passions our work, so it shouldn’t even feel like work.

Don’t forget to stop and be mindful of this. Remember that where you are now is where you once dreamed of being. So, treat yourself: hire a virtual assistant. It will increase your control and make you feel good about giving work to somebody also keen to sustain themselves entrepreneurially. You will soon notice the benefits in productivity and improvements not only in your business but in your personal growth and health.

There you have it.

Those are just six of the most obvious signs that it’s time for you to hire a virtual assistant, but there really is a virtual assistant for everything you might need:

But remember, you always get what you pay for, so be diligent, do your research and be really clear on what you need so you can ensure you find the perfect fit for your business.

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